Action In Austin

Action In Austin

Lawmakers are racing to pass bills before the legislative session comes to a close on June 1st of this year. Only a handful of bills has actually made it through the house and senate to Governor Greg Abbotts Desk but more are expected to come in before the end of the month.

Even before lawmakers entered the state house in January, Governor Abbott made it clear that he would fulls support and sign a bill to make Texas open carry friendly. Scores of other bills are still being reviewed dealing with things like school choice, ethics, red light cameras and texting while driving bills.

On Monday the Texas Senate approved a bill that prevents cities from banning fracking practices inside their city limits.

Two key bills dealing with education are also going to be reviewed by the governor. The first of which puts $3 billion dollars back into the school finance system to help balance funds between poor and rich school districts. There is also an Abbott supported

bill that would allow high school seniors to fail two of the states five high school graduation test and still receive a diploma.

Lawmakers are also amending the state constitution to inject $3 billion into the state transportation budget. The House and Senate are divided on where that money should come from. Some propose it should come from the sales tax others said it should come from the motor vehicle sales tax.

Texoma Senator Craig Estes has authored a bill that protects clerics from performing same sex marriages. Representative James Frank helped author a bill to fund a study on conservation strategies to tackle the state water shortage.

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