Texoma Votes 2015: Smith vs James

One of the seats up for grabs during the May Elections is the Councilor at Large in Wichita Falls.

Michael Smith is seeking reelection.  He has served four terms as part of the city council.  If reelected, he will reach his term limit of 10 years.

His opponent is Krystal James, a real estate agent in Wichita Falls.  She comes from a military family and was always searching for a place to call home.  James said Wichita Falls was perfect and has been living there for about 15 years.  She said she always wants to serve, which is why she is seeking the councilor at large seat.

"Well, I do a lot of community service and it was just a way to be able to reach more people and do more for the community," James said.

Smith, on the other hand, has lived in Wichita Falls most of his life.  He is a retired educator and is no stranger to city council.

“I've dedicated myself to learning and trying to do what's best for the city and its citizens,” Smith said, “I think I owe it to the city to run one more time.”

One of the things both Smith and James said needs to stay as a top priority is the drought.  James said she would like to expand on the conservation efforts the city already has in place.

“Perhaps we can put in incentive programs to be able to allow people to install more rain collection, rain barrels, those sorts of things,” she said.

However, Smith said the council members have looked at nearly every possible solution.

“We all know that the best solution is going to be rain, rain, rain,” he said.

If mother nature does not cooperate, they have some ideas.

“We would look at drilling water wells wherever feasible and viable and possibly using Wichita River as a source of water,” he said.

Smith said his experience sets him apart from his opponent.  He knows how things word and he has been apart of the struggle with this drought since the very beginning.

However, James said she is ready for the position and is excited about the opportunity to serve the community in a bigger way.

, Newschannel 6