May Community Service Champion

May Community Service Champion

Ida Hill spends two days a week in a building at the state hospital.  She isn't a patient, but is there to help the patients.

Hill said, "We give clothes from shoes and socks everything they need to get dressed sometimes they give them money when they are going to live here."

People donate clothes and items.  She along with other volunteers sort it out.

"We receive donations and we chose the best stuff to send to the patients and what they can not use.  We have a garage sale to raise money for other needs that they have," Hill said.

Other workers said they could not do it without her.

Tonye Shirey who is a worker at the hospital said, "She's 83 years young, comes twice and week and works hard.  Puts together the garage sales. Then assorts the clothes and give us advice."

Hill got started volunteering shortly after her husband passed away twenty years ago.

She said, "After I lost my husband I needed something to do to stay focused.  So, I did this and I enjoy every minute of it."

As she said, it keeps her focused and on her toes.

"Anyone that is lonesome and needs to do something for somebody else, volunteering is the best thing to do."

Soon, Hill will be 84 years old, but she said she will keep doing it as long as she can.

"It just makes me feel like a million-dollars," she said, "I can't explain the joy you get by giving."

If you have clothes or items you'd like to donate to the state hospital call, (940) 689-5601 or (940) 689-5238.

, Newschannel 6