WFISD BOND 2015: Security Safety Upgrades

If the WFISD 2015 Bond passes on May 9, 2015 $500,000 is the amount earmarked for security and safety upgrades to schools in the Wichita Falls ISD.

The focus would be on updating entrances and adding security cameras to schools, in hopes of securing the areas where students are.  The changes would require parents and visitors to go to the office in each school, before being free to walk the campus..

Wichita Falls ISD Public Information Officer Ashley Thomas told me the district has already made upgrades to several entrances in the district, but the bond would allow them to continue the process.

Thomas also said when many of the schools were built the security need wasn't as prevalent as it is in today's world. While it's a sad reality, the focus is on making sure  students are safe at all times.

We took a look at Haynes Elementary, one of the schools that already has security upgrades, and found the changes allow school leaders and staff to know at any given time who is on campus and where they are.

Multiple cameras monitor the halls and outside of the school, and can all be viewed and monitored from one location.

" If they are safe and happy and healthy then they can learn. Safety is huge, as a mother I want to make sure my son is safe when he goes to school and I don't want parents to have to worry. I can guarantee you that our kids are safe here." said Haynes Assistant Principal Cindy Underwood.

Just a week ago the system proved to be beneficial. Underwood says thanks to the cameras rolling they were able to identify someone who vandalized the front door of the school.