Rezoning Ordinance Approved For New Restaurant

Rezoning Ordinance Approved For New Restaurant

A new type of restaurant experience is one step closer to becoming a reality in Wichita Falls. Tuesday, the Wichita Falls City Council approved a new rezoning ordinance that will help kick start the new project.

The project will turn a historic home at 800 Kemp Boulevard into a fine dining experience with a twist. The residence many people know as Bluebonnet Hill will soon become a one-of-a-kind dining experience for residents.

Developers hope, with minor modifications, to turn the beautiful home into the Fox Hill Restaurant and Garden.

“We hope to create an environment that is scenic as well as a learning station," said Shannon Rutledge-Hopkins with Hirschi Associates. “A place for education about food production and how we can do this sustainably in our area.”

The ordinance will also allow for portions of blocks D, H, I, & J to allow for additional restaurants and farming space. The eight acres surrounding the home will be used as a venue for outdoor dining events.

That's also where they will keep and serve their own produce, and small animals. They intend on having chickens, peacocks, guinea hens, rabbits, and ducks.

"Hopefully we will create a destination spot for outside communities to come to Wichita Falls to see and visit," said Hopkins.

They say all the animals will be fenced in cages, and will follow strict guidelines from the city. Plans are also in the works to build a rain-water capture pond on the property, along with a rainwater collection system.

In the future, they say they hope to build an ecosystem for tilapia, lettuces, and additional plants. Developers say all of those factors will help them create both a fine dining atmosphere and an educational experience.

The new venture is expected to bring on about eight to ten jobs. Hopkins says it's her goal, with this venture, to bring economic development to the Wichita Falls community.

As of now, no timeline for the project has been set up. But those developers are working hard to lay out those final details.

, Newschannel 6