WFPD Confidence

WFPD Confidence

Wichita Falls Police Department Chief Manuel Borrego said he wants people to know that he's working to keep the city police force in Wichita Falls an honest one. Chief Borrego wants to make sure that incidents of possible police misconduct in Baltimore, the kind that lead to protest and later riots, won't happen in this part of Texoma as long as he is chief.

Baltimore and Wichita Falls are different in many ways. The Baltimore population is six times that of Wichita Falls. In Baltimore the majority of the population is black, in Wichita Falls the majority of the population is white. Chief Borrego told media that WFPD does not police based on the color of someones skin.

In a crowded room WFPD Chief Borrego answered questions about policing in the community.

"We are trying to ensure that we are professional when we are out there with the public. We hire from the human race and there is going to be those officers that violate the policy and the law," said Chief Borrego.

People should hold WFPD accountable according to Borrego because so much responsibility is given to officers. Borrego said that there are times when they are not always able to secure a suspect in a unit if that suspect is being unruly.

"We have to take them to the ground or we have to tase them and those are situations that the officer does not want to get into either.

A lot of times that can not happen there is just not enough room in that car for two people that are struggling to get somebody seatbelt in. Our policy is that you get them arrested, they go straight to the jail or you take them to the hospital, then to the jail no other place," said Chief Borrego.

In the past Borrego admitted that the WFPD has been accused of police misconduct and that lawsuits have been filed against the department. Borrego said it's always important for his officers to make sure they follow policy.

Borrego said he constantly talks with sergeants and other leaders to make sure his 200 plus force is properly patrolling the streets. Borrego said he is confident that the majority of the community in Wichita Falls supports the WFPD.

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