Peek At Pirate's Plunge

Peek At Pirate's Plunge

The Wichita Falls water park known as Castaway Cove officially unveiled its latest attraction today. The Pirates Plunge is an "aqua loop" ride that drops the rider 43-feet from the top of a 60-foot tower before bottoming out in a 50 foot runoff.

Wichita Falls City leaders gathered below the ride before officially cutting the ribbon for the new attraction. The Pirate's Plunge is the first slide of its kind to be built in Texas. Wichita Falls Manager Darron Leiker said they took polls and asked residents what they wanted to see more of at the cove.

"They said 'you know what it's a great park, but it's for little kids, we would like to see something more thrilling,'" said Leiker.

The name of the ride was chosen through online votes. One of those to choose Pirate's Plunge was Tonya Toney of Wichita Falls.

"There is no way I'm going down a 43-foot-drop," said Toney.

"She informed me that she was a little squeamish about going down the slide so she delegated it to me and I was more than happy to go down it. It was a blast," said Tobey Toney, Tonya's husband.

The water park is expected to open May 9th.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6