Severe Weather Not Preventing Florist From Cashing In On Mother's Day Weekend

Severe Weather Not Preventing Florist From Cashing In On Mother's Day Weekend

Wichita Falls, TX -

Severe weather in the forecast this weekend is not stopping Texomans from placing flower orders for Mother's Day.

Local florists in Texoma said they have been busy answering the phone, pruning, arranging or delivering and will continue to do so in preparations for the holiday.

"The phones been ringing constantly and we've been taking a lot of orders," said Gena Forester, a florist, at Bebb's Flowers in downtown Wichita Falls.

To keep up with the workload, management has had to double their staff, bringing on additional florist and delivery drivers. Across town at House of Flowers the same can be said, Karen Holder-Gibson, Owner of the shop, "Good presence online and on the phone of course."

Each business said Friday leading up to the holiday will be their busiest day for deliveries. In the process, they will be preparing for last minute orders.

"A lot of people want their flowers delivered to work," said Forester.

"I will be busy saturday as well, with all the walk-ins and last minutes. that's very hectic," said Holder-Gibson.

Before all the Mother's Day mayhem, Joseph Abbott, a customer, stopped by House of Flowers Thursday afternoon to place an order for his mother.

"It's a great day to celebrate your mom, because you know your mom's everything," said Abbott.

Skywarn 6 Chief Meteorologist Ken Johnson said another storm system could damper those plans and make deliveries difficult for florist, "I'm going to highlight Friday and Saturday for another outbreak of severe weather so we really have to watch the situation closely."

While the weather conditions are not favorable, both businesses hope they will be able of fulfill all their customers orders.

"Yes. The drivers being out on something like that could be dangerous. So we prefer it happen at night so that everybody's safe," said Holder-Gibson.

"We're going to be on time no matter what. Our number one priority is taking care of our customers," said Forrester.

Both florist will be taking orders until Saturday at the end of the business day. The average flower arrangement ranges from $50-$60.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6.

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