Electra Suffers Storm Damage

Severe weather on Thursday rocked through Texoma.

Many towns got lots of rain, but some were also hit with high winds.  Electra was one of those towns.  No tornadoes were confirmed in the area, but damage could be seen throughout the town.

Before the worst part of the storm hit, the entire town lost power.

One business experienced extreme damage.  The back of the structure was completely destroyed.  The owner said three people were in the building when it came crashing down, but no one suffered major injuries.  The widows were also blown out and they said they could hear the hail hitting the building.

Once the storm was over, the owner and his staff tried to pick up some of the debris.  However, they said they will come back tomorrow to take a closer look at the damage.

In other parts of the town, trees were uprooted, signs were bent, and power lines were down.  Mobile homes suffered damage to the exterior and shingles from multiple homes were scattered.

First responders went around the city to check the damage.  Even Wichita County Sheriffs came out to help.

Three structure fires broke out within an hour, so all hands were on deck.  In one case, Sheriff David Duke said an elderly woman's like was probably saved.  He said a sheriff saw smoke coming out of her front door, he went inside to check if anyone was there, and she was right in the middle of the fire.  Sheriff Duke said she was sent to the hospital.  No word on her condition.

Many residents said they were shocked by the damage the storm did.  However, they explained they loved getting the rain because we needed it, even if it took severe weather conditions.

Officials will continue to assess the situation and see what needs to be fixed.

, Newschannel 6