Burkburnett Cleaning Up

Burkburnett Cleaning Up

Some in Burkburnett are still picking up the pieces after a vicious tornado tore through the northeast part of the town. Many who live on Vaughn Road said they feel lucky to be alive.

"The main thing is everyone is safe no one is injured. We are just blessed to out of that mess," said Tommy Wittman.

On Saturday two of Wittmans trees fell onto the roof of his house and his carport. Neighbor Brandon Cropper along with many others has volunteered his time and equipment to help with the cleanup. Cropper and others cut and remove tree debris from the front of the house limb by limb.

"Community and family taking care of one another that is what it's all about," said Cropper.

Just down the street, Roy Turner is helping his brother-in-law Burkburnett native Cecil Johnson with his cleanup. Turner said he saw the tornado touchdown on land.

"I was standing out here in the yard last night I saw that Tornado go through that vicinity right there. You could hear it roaring like a train," said Turner.

Johnson said that he not only saw his trees uprooted, but also lost two backyard fences and much more.

"We heard the house shutter and shake and I think that is when all this happened," said Johnson.

The storm was so strong it lifted his front porch and slightly moved it off its foundation.

"I never thought about one day it may come through here," said Johnson.

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