Electra City Administrator Resigns

Electra's City Administrator, Larry Pannell is resigning from his position.

“There were some tears shed because we know, love and respect Larry.  He's been good for our city.  We're going to miss him on the job as well as in our personal lives," said Mayor of Electra, Curtis Warner.

Pannell served as Electra's City Administrator for the last three years; on Tuesday, he made his resignation public.

“He's realigned some of the staff, rearranged some of the offices, not physically, but the goal of each office the responsibility and duty of those offices," said Warner.

Warner said that with the help of Pannell, he and other city staff found what systems worked and what needed changing.

“They were improved and come to the surface.  We adopted a lot of changes.  Our personnel situation here in the city is really good because we've got an excellent staff of people working for us," said Warner.

Pannell's time as City Administrator didn't come without controversy.  In October of 2013, a petition was filed by Electra residents to have him fired.

In September of 2013, Pannell was involved in turmoil, which included the former Electra Police Chief, Johnny Morris.

Mayor Warner said he and other city staff are reaping the benefits of his teachings.

“We're proud that he is wanted by other people," said Warner.

Pannell's departure comes at the time of a new budget year.  He chose to resign during this time because of the new City Commissioners who will bring in new ideas, thoughts and new directions.

Pannell's resignation was not on the May 12th City Commissioner agenda.  His resignation will be a topic of discussion the next time City Commissioners meet, Tuesday, May 27th.  At that time, Commissioners will decide whether to look locally, nationally or on the state level to fill his position.

, Newschannel 6