Rising Waters 2015: Red Cross Steps Up to Help Residents

10 homes in Texoma have been damaged within the past week due to recent storms, winds and flooding.

In times like this, volunteers of the American Red Cross are stepping up to help families in need.  It was a busy day on Wednesday at the American Red Cross location in Wichita Falls.  Executive Director, Katrina Farmer spent the morning making calls to assist the Texoma town of Bowie.

Flooding, ironically, has become an issue in our drought stricken area and because of the recent flooding; Famer and other Red Cross volunteers are helping many Texoma residents.

“The Red Cross is busy all year round.  We try to have exactly what we need.  We do have a warehouse here where we stock things like water, blankets and cots and we already have a certain number of those out in all of our counties as well," said Farmer.

To prepare yourself during the time of a flood, Farmer said to pay attention to what's going on around you.

“We've seen pictures this last week and the road could just really be gone, so don't drive through that," said Farmer.

Farmer also said it's best to have an evacuation plan.

“You probably want to put together a kit of things to take with you.  Think about the documents that are hard to replace, a driver's license, a birth certificate, a marriage license and insurance documents those kinds of things.  Copies of any medications that anyone in your family uses," said Farmer.

If your home is damaged by rising waters, Farmer said that there are different things that she and Red Cross volunteers look for.

“You kind of look at whether or not you can fix it.  If you can come in and repair things, then it might just be damaged.  It just depends on what the damage is.  If we can get to the property to assess it, we do.  If it's under flood water, we're just going to help the people and then we provide food, shelter and clothing," said Farmer.

There is a Red Cross app available for phones and tablets that will tell you in real time if a river or lake is flooding.  The app will also tell you which roads are safe for travel and if there is flooding in your neighborhood.

, Newschannel 6