Rising Waters 2015: Lake Horseshoe Bend

With more rain on the way, flooding is still a major concern.

Many Texomans said the rain has been a blessing.  However, with so much rain in a short period of time, some residents at Lake Horseshoe Ben said the water is rising too quickly.  They said it can be scary since it could destroy their homes.

On Thursday it was a quite day in the neighborhood.  You could hear the birds singing and for the first time in a long time, you could hear the water.

It has been two years since residents have been able to go out on the lake, but with the amount of recent rain Texoma has gotten, they can go out and have fun.  One resident said he can't wait to take his daughter out in their paddle boat.  Other residents would prefer to go out on their own and let the waves carry them down stream.  However, in recent years this hasn't been possible.

With the drought, residents said the lake had completely dried up.  They could walk from one side to the other. 

Even though there is water in the lakes now, residents are worried it could creep up to their doorsteps.  Especially with more rain on the way.

Residents said the last time they experienced flooding was back in 2007.  Part of that is because there isn't a lot of distance separating the lake from their properties.  In some cases it's is approximately 30 feet away.  However, residents said the peace and quite is worth the risk.

Since Texoma is still in a drought, residents still want more rain.  However, now they are praying it comes in small waves.

, Newschannel 6