Perplexed: Parents React

Perplexed: Parents React

Some Wichita Falls parents said that they are going to be more cautious when dropping their kids off at local hangout spots.

Emily Valverde is a proud parent of two and said her 13 year old son Gunner, along with his friend Justin were one of the many children forced out of a local kid oriented business during a tornado warning.

"I think I probably will be more proactive as a parent since this has all come to light. But still to send kids outside and say that they could not go back inside that's a shame," said Valverde.

According to Gunner the Plex in Wichita Falls is one of the many hangouts for local youth. Gunner said he and other friends were forced to leave by Plex management when tornado sirens went off close to the building.

"I was nervous cause I was not with my family. It's not like we have cars of our own to go drive," said Gunner Valverde.

Justin McCann said he and Gunner feel lucky that they were able to find their parents and make it home safely.

"Anything could have happened a parent could have taken the wrong kid, not take them to the right house a lot of stuff could have happened," said Justin McCann.

Harold McCann is Justins father. Harold said that he will be more cautious after the incident at The Plex.

"I think this will be an eye opener for other businesses too too kind of look at their procedures and their policies when it comes to severe weather and make sure that the kids and the adults are taken care of," said Harold McCann.

Both parents and children that spoke with Newschannel6 said that they had never experienced problems with The Plex prior to Saturday. 

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