Building Business: Brick By Brick

Building Business: Brick By Brick

You may have seen it driving down to Dallas or hustling to Henrietta

Off of U.S. 287, the Triangle Brick Company factory is Clay County's relative skyscraper, and also signals a better and more diverse economic future.

Recent heavy rains have made the side of U.S. 287 look  more like a grassland. These rains have made things a little bit more difficult for people working on the Triangle Brick Company factory. However, the general contractor for the project says the project is still on schedule, with the first shipment of bricks ready to go by the 15th of January.

In fact, we may owe a thank you to Triangle Brick for our rainy 2015.

"As construction got in full swing in January, it started raining," Clay County Judge Kenneth Liggett, "and every time they get another major project ready to go, we get another good rain."

According to Liggett, the addition of the brick factory, along with a new wind farm, means the county is growing, and not putting all its eggs in one basket.

"We're not 100 percent dependent on farming, ranching and oil. There is some industry coming in. I think its growth, I think it's good growth."

The factory brings with it 35 guaranteed new jobs, but that number could be quite a bit higher.

"If they produce the amount of bricks that we're hearing," Judge Liggett explained, "there are going to be many truck drivers that will have jobs also."

Liggett said he thinks the factory, once up and running, will produce 40-50 truckfulls of bricks per day. Clay County is set to receive full taxes from the plant once it's open.

"I'm not saying its going to make everybody rich, but if the county gets a little more quote financially stable, it helps everyone in the county," Liggett said.

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Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6