New Coordinator, New Dream

It's a job that has always been filled by some big shoes, and now a new leader is settling in at the Martin Luther King Center in Wichita Falls.

Michael Davis is getting used to the job he's only had for two weeks and is already mapping out big plans to keep the center, that has touched many lives since the late 1970's, moving forward.

"We are going to try and continue to do the things Mr. Nash started here, plus add more additions to it," said MLK Center Coordinator Michael Davis.

The center lost its heart and soul, Larry Nash back in February but his legacy continues through his friend Mike Davis.

"Anytime he had a project going on, if I wasn't the first person he called, I was the second. We did things together hand in hand and tried to make things a better place," said Davis.

Dorothy Roberts Burns who helped the center after the loss of Larry said they were looking for someone who was familiar with the work and the East Side Community and they found that in Davis.

The center serves every age group by providing them a safe place to meet.

Starting with the young through its child care center, all the way up to the wisest in the community through its Green Door Senior Citizens Center. Allowing the elderly to have a place to go for lunch, fellowship and to make sure their voices are also heard.

The MLK Center is also big on giving back. One example is the annual Martin Luther King Scholarship Prayer Breakfast that is coming up on its 28th year.

Last year 22 scholarships were given out and this year they hope to add another.

Ensuring a future for the young seems to be a focus as they also get ready to kick off the second year of what's now an annual Summer Reading Program.

We have to make sure these kids are on level when it comes to reading," said Davis.  Bottom line it's all about the people.

"It's not about one person. It's not about me. It's about the community and what we can do," said Davis.

The summer reading program is for young children and even high schoolers.

Also next week, the center will be partnering with the food bank to give out food vouchers to be used at the farmers market.

That's for folks age 65 and older, but there are qualifications.

For more information and to sign up for either of these programs you can give the MLK Center a call at  (940) 761-7980.