Rising Waters 2015: Business Flooded

Rising Waters 2015: Business Flooded

One Wichita Falls business will remain closed while repairing damages from recent flooding rains. The inside of Deli Planet is covered wall to wall and ceiling to floor with fans running full blast. The building has been airing out for over 11 hours yet the floors are still soaked after the flooding.

In the midnight hours waters in the swampy marsh like lands behind the building began to rise higher and eventually seeped through a side door of the building.

"It came in through the side door and then it swooped around got clogged and then it swooped around the front door and started coming in there," said Eric Rutledge, owner of Deli Planet.

All the walls inside the building now have damage as high as four feet. The walls will have to be torn down and replaced.

Rutledge said that there is insurance for the building and the contents inside up to $150,000. However, there is no coverage for the other losses.

"The property insurance and the contents are covered, but not the employees not the lost wages and not any of the lost income for the days that they are going to be shut down," said Rutledge.

According to the construction estimates Rutlage and the other owners are confident that the business could be back and running in as little as one but as long as two weeks.

, Newschannel6