Areas of Evacuation Expanded

Areas of Evacuation Expanded
City officials have added the areas around MPEC and Scotland Park to the places that must be evacuated by 8:00 am Thursday.  WFISD officials say Scotland Park Elementary is closed Thursday. 

They have also moved the time that residents of Tanglewood and portions of the East Side must leave their homes by 8:00 am.

If you live in the areas that must be evacuated, you will receive a visit from city authorities to tell you to evacuate. If you are not home, a notice will be left on your door. If do NOT receive a notice, you do not need to evacuate.

At 8:00 am on Thursday, the electric service to these areas will be shut off in order to prevent the chance of fires caused by electrical shorts.

Meanwhile, county officials have changed the mandatory evacuation time for Wranglers Retreat and Horseshoe Bend to 6:00 am on Thursday.

When preparing to evacuate, remember to:

1. Gather all medications
2. Make plans for housing all pets (remember their medication and special diet foods)
3. Prepare the contents of your home: raising items, electronics, hazardous materials to a level well above the level the water may have reache
d in 2007
4. Disconnect electrical appliances
5. Secure a copy of your insurance policies and other important documents

Anyone affected by the flood can utilize the Red Cross shelter opening Thursday morning at Hirschi High School, 3106 Borton St. PLEASE NOTE: Washington Jackson will no longer act as the shelter. That shelter has been moved to Hirschi High School. 

There will also be a Point of Distribution Center opening on Thursday, in the old Brookshire's grocery store building, on the corner of Loop 11 and Seymour Highway. Those affected by the flood can receive assistance from various agencies, essential items, immunizations and refreshments. Residents with pets and no place to keep them can contact Animal Services at 940-447-0343 for assistance.

When the flood waters arrive residents a
re urged NOT to enter the water on foot, by vehicle or any other method. Flood waters are unpredictable, dangerous and pose a significant health hazard. For more information, please contact the Emergency Operation Center at