Rising Waters 2015: Residents Evacuating

Flooding is still the biggest concern in Texoma.  City officials in Wichita County and Wichita Falls have instructed certain areas to evacuate.  Parts of the Tanglewood neighborhood are affected by this.  Newschannel 6 spoke with one family as they prepared for the worst.

"If it floods, it floods," Roma Martin, a resident in the Tanglewood neighborhood said, "It's doesn't make a difference if it's four inches or ten inches."

Over 20 people were at the Martin's home packing up their things and loading it up in trailers.  Many of the people there were friends and family of the neighborhood.

"We call, they come and they've done it before," she said.

Roma and her husband have lived on Lisa Lane since 2004, so they have experienced the fear of flooding before.

"It's a big trauma because you're out, you're displaced for three and a half months while your house is being put back to pieces," Martin said.

This was something they had to do in 2007, which was the last time the area flooded.  She said back then, they were not prepared.

"We had to find places to stay and of course you pay for all that," she said.

Roma and her husband stayed at a friend's house for three and a half months.  She said it was a scary situation to canoe up to their home to see what they could salvage.  Unfortunately, not everything could be saved.  The flood destroyed a lot of their personal belongings.  This is why this time they are being proactive.

"We're saving it before it happens," Martin said.

Everyone who was at the home, helping enjoyed every minute.  They said if anything happens the whole community comes together to help.

"It's not as scary now because I've dealt with it before," she said.

While everyone at the Martin's house was busy packing and having a good time, many residents went to check on the water levels for Wichita River.  Resident said in three hours, the water levels rose two feet.  On Wednesday morning you could see the spillway, but that changed in a short amount of time.  So, residents need to be prepared.

, Newschannel 6