Fort Sill Recovers Body of Missing Soldier

Fort Sill, Oklahoma - The body of a Fort Sill soldier whose car was found swept away in Medicine Bluff Creek earlier this week has been recovered.

Officials say at 2:48 p.m. Thursday, the body of Staff Sergeant David Lee Hawkins was recovered by Fort Sill firefighters and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol rescue team. The recovery was made shortly after soldiers spotted his body in the water.

Hawkins was first reported missing early Monday morning. His vehicle was spotted around 11:00 a.m. and the search began shortly after. Fort Sill Strategic Communications Director Lieutenant Colonel J.P. Maddaloni says he believes warnings were posted about the treacherous driving conditions, but can't confirm how Hawkins' car was swept away.

"Unfortunately, I have no idea where he was heading, and at this time there is an investigation that is ongoing so I don't want to comment on that ongoing investigation for the activities that may have led to the car being swept into the river," said Maddaloni.

Fort Sill released a statement on the recovery saying:

"Our sincere condolences and prayers are with the Hawkins family. We will continue to ensure they receive the best support from our care team and the Fort Sill community."

They ask that as Memorial Day weekend approaches that everyone respect the privacy of Hawkins' family during this difficult time.

Officials say the safety of all soldiers and family members is their top priority. Their

website and Facebook are being updated with critical information for safety, including an interactive map showing low water crossings and hazardous areas.