Rising Waters 2015: Lake Arrowhead Pollution

Rising Waters 2015: Lake Arrowhead Pollution

For the first time in years people are able to fish off the docks at Lake Arrowhead. What was once a dry dock standing in the sand is now barely above water. As of Thursday Lake Arrowhead was sitting at 70.7% full and just a few weeks ago, it was sitting at 21.4% full.

"This is the first time since 2011 probably 2012 where folks have been able to enjoy the lake for what it has to offer. You know boating, skiing, lots of fishing," said Keith Gauthier of Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Donald Johnson has not been able to fish off a dock here since 2011.

"I caught some crap and everything they are coming back, I'll tell you they are out there so all we got to do is be patient and catch them. Yeah, it is good to see this I'll tell you it is really good to see this," said Johnson.

If you walk around the lake you'll see plenty of trash washing up to the shores.

"We remind folks all the time when they come in so they make sure they clean up after themselves just be cautious of the environment that and just make sure it looks better than it did when you showed up," said Gauthier.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6