Rising Waters 2015: Officials Release Maps of 2007 Flood

Rising Waters 2015: Officials Release Maps of 2007 Flood

Wichita County and Wichita Falls City officials held a briefing Thursday evening to discuss the rapidly changing flood situation.

The biggest topic of discussion was a rumor that was spreading through the Tanglewood neighborhood, a rumor that authorities were planning to shut off electricity in both the upper and lower parts of the neighborhood and ask residents to leave.

Officials tell Newschannel 6 that's not the case. Only the lower portion of Tanglewood is expected to be affected by flood waters. It has been evacuated and the power shut off to prevent any fires.

City and county leaders also formed two eight-person law enforcement teams, one to patrol Tanglewood and the other to patrol the Eastside throughout the night.

The City of Wichita Falls has also released a map of the 2007 flood, indicating the areas that are expected to be affected during the current event.

You can find it here:

Duncan/Eastside: http://www.wichitafallstx.gov/DocumentCenter/View/24668

Iowa Park Road: http://www.wichitafallstx.gov/DocumentCenter/View/24669

Officials say they are most concerned about the houses shaded in purple.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6