Rising Waters 2015: Stay Out Of The Water

Rising Waters 2015: Stay Out Of The Water

Wichita County health officials want every Texomans to know they could put not just their safety, but also puts their health at risk if they choose to enter local bodies of water. Lou Kriedler of the Wichita County Health District said that just placing your foot in the water could impact your health.

"You have the possibility of there being human waste in the flood waters. You could have an infection tetanus is always a concern,

so if someone is not appropriately vaccinated and they have a wound they come in contact with tetanus," said Kreidler.

Brittney Webster and two of her friends were seen standing on the edge of the Wichita River to get a look at the rising waters. Many of the walkways and other park features are now flooded over. Webster said that she and others had no intention of getting into or under the water.

"I mean when it was real low you could actually see some septic flowing down the river. Yeah, it's pretty gross. You can get a lot from it, especially if you walk barefoot I mean, if I did not have my boots on I would not be stepping a foot in there," said Webster.

The WCHD said that they are able to offer information on where to get a tetanus shot to anyone who needs it.

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