Residents On East Side Of Wichita Falls Evacuate

Residents On East Side Of Wichita Falls Evacuate

Wichita Falls, TX - As the Wichita River continues to rise, Wichita Falls City and Wichita County leaders continue to keep a close eye on what the National Weather Service is calling an 'historic weather event.

"Although we would like to get all of our lakes completely full, i really don't want to do it at the expense of the residents, but that's what's happening," said of City of Wichita Falls Mayor Glenn Barham.

Water from the Wichita River has exceeded floodgate at 18 feet and the NWS said it could reach well about record level of 24 feet back in 2007.

Mayor Barham addressed the rising levels in a media briefing, "I wasn't hesitant to tell people there's gonna come a day where we wish the rain would stop and I think that day is probably here.

Saturday afternoon, the National Guard was placing large sandbags around the city's water treatment plant to protect equipment, meanwhile residents nearby began the process of evacuating.

Wichita Falls Fire officials went door-to-door Saturday afternoon warning residents on the East side of town about the potential threat of flooding.

"I really don't want to leave my home.I don't want to leave it," said Olivia McKinney, a resident on the East side of Wichita Falls. "I'd be glad when its over."

For McKinney this situation is new. Unlike many other residents in her neighborhood, she was not living in the city the last time the river forced people out, but said she is not taking any chances.

"I grabbed my important documents and papers with me, my medications which they are telling you to get. I packed cover and pillows," said McKinney.

She said the hardest part about leaving her home, is not knowing what she will come back to.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6