Wichita County Health Division Warns Residents About Increase Of Mosquitoes

Wichita County Health Division Warns Residents About Increase Of Mosquitoes

Wichita Falls, TX -

While the recent rains provided a big boost to our lake levels and rivers, the standing water left behind is only giving mosquitoes the opportunity to breed.

Residents in Texoma have found themselves slapping, swatting, and spraying to keep the bugs away.

Gina Blackerby and Francis Duncan both live in Wichita County. Their homes were not affected by the Wichita River rising but the recent rain has brought them another problem. 

"Lots of big mosquitoes," said Gina Blackerby. 

The month of May showered the city with the most rain on record. Susan Morris, Environmental Administrator with the Wichita County Wichita Falls Public Health District said standing water left behind is only making it a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

"We have what we call our nuisance mosquitoes right now that have laid their eggs on the ground and may have laid their eggs several years ago waiting for the right time."

Over the weekend, Morris said crews were called in to help fight them off, "passing out larvicide, distributing larvicide, putting it in the ditches, and we're also spraying for mosquitoes."

Officials offer this advice to residents returning to their homes after flooding. 

"Use a mosquito repellent, where long sleeves and long pants, put some fans out mosquitoes dont like wind. Use your screen doors, your windows," said Morris. 

Another important thing residents should do to prevent mosquitoes from nesting is eliminate any standing water surrounding near your home. Despite the hassle, residents are looking up. 

"We're appreciative of the water," said Blackerby. 

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6