Rising Waters 2015: Declaration Disaster Extended

The Declaration Disaster for Wichita County will be extended for the next 30 days.  Wichita County Commissioners made this decision Tuesday morning.

Wichita County Judge, Woody Gossom, said the county is still in danger of rising waters.

Newschannel 6 talked with a local family to see how they are working to get back on the road to recovery after a weekend of flooding.

“It's been pretty chaotic and emotionally driven," said Eastside resident, Robert Hale.

Hale and his family were at the Family Assistance Center on Tuesday to get just that.

“We came here to see if we could seek refuge or if there is anything that we can get any help on.  It's just been a lot of things going on that we're not used to.  It's really been a big inconvenience,"said Hale.

The crowd at the Family Assistance Center has gone down, but on Sunday about 300 families needed assistance.  On Monday, about 250 families needed assistance.

Gregory Shannon with the North Texas United Way said that is because today is different.

“What we're doing is we're only focusing on families that actually have water in the homes.  If they had water in the home they can come in and still get additional supplies and information," said Shannon.

There wasn't any water in Hale's home.

“It was definitely surrounding the area. I actually have pictures on my phone that I took, a picture of the military chopper bringing down sand bags.   I thought it was pretty serious," said Hale.

With more rainfall expected to head towards the Falls, Shannon is looking on the bright side.

“We've got to watch and be careful and we've just got to make sure we're doing the right thing.  Hopefully the waters will have receded enough by then.  We're here to help as needed if something was to happen in the future and that's why we're here," said Shannon.

Hale said that he is worried.

"The way the storms have been hitting us here lately, I'm very worried about it.  I have a baby that is due any day now, and we don't want to be stuck surrounded by water," said Hale.

Shannon said that as of Tuesday, he doesn't know how long the center will be up and running; that is up to the county and the city. He does say that he will be there as long as he is needed.

Judge Gossom hopes this will be the last time he has to extend this Declaration Disaster.

, Newschannel 6