Electra Mayor Resigns

The city of Electra is losing another leader just two weeks after the city administrator resigned.

“I'm resigning as the Mayor of the city of Electra,” Curtis Warner said.

The announcement came halfway through his second term.  Warner said he was looking for the right time to resign and with two new commissioners and the budget workshops just getting started, it felt right.

“It just seemed like an opportune time to, let's start off together on the same page,” he said.

Warner said making the decision was not easy for him.  Electra has been his home for most of his life.  It is where he and his wife grew up.

“We've watched Electra change, we've watched it grow, we've watched it shrink, but it's still home,” he said.

He said it will continue to be his home for the rest of his life.  There is nothing better than the small town.  He explained he loves getting calls from people, or getting hugs when he goes to stores in town.  He said the closeness of the town is something he will always cherish.

“My kids never understood why I moved from the heart of Fort Worth to Electra, but they never lived in an Electra.

Despite the fact that he is stepping down as mayor, Warner still wants Electra to continue to grow.  In the three years he has served as mayor, he said the town has made improvements.

"I feel that we've done a great, good project for Electra," Warner said, "I'm delighted with what Electra has accomplished."

When it comes to filling the leadership role, it will take time.  First the commissioners have to publish the position.  Then the process of narrowing down the candidates will begin.

"I hope it will be in the next couple months, or so because this job at this time of the year requires some expertise," he said.

Time will tell.  Officials want to make sure they have the right person for the job.  Especially since they have big shoes to fill.

After the meeting was over, many residents went up to Warner to thank him for his service to the town.  They expressed how he will be missed, but they also wish him the best of luck.  However, he had one final message for the citizens of Electra.

"Electra I love everyone of you," Warner said.

During the meeting, commissioners also talked about the vacant city administration seat.  They went into executive session for nearly two hours to talk about a replacement, but no decision was made.  They announced they would talk about it more at the June 2nd, 2015.

Another big item on the agenda was drought restrictions.  With all of the rain, many Texoma towns have lowered restrictions, including Electra.  They have moved to Stage 3 Drought Restrictions.

, Newschannel 6