Eagle Railcar Services Soars Into Expansion

Eagle Railcar Services Soars Into Expansion

With one snap of the scissors, the Phase Two Expansion of Eagle Railcar Services was underway. The company, which inspects, repairs, and repaints rail cars, broke ground in Wichita Falls in October of 2013, promising thirty two jobs.

"These are primary jobs," explained President of the Wichita Falls Economic Development Corporation Board Dick Bundy. "They are the jobs that make our economy grow."

Less than two years later, the company has more than doubled that promise, and currently employs 73 people.

"And we could easily double it with the customer demand that we have now," explained Owner of Eagle Railcar Services Marc Walraven. "So as soon as we can get these people in and get them trained, the workforce is going to grow rapidly."

A new computer animated sponge jet blaster will help workers "blast" through the repair process faster, cutting down the man hours required from twenty to two.

But don't think that means workers won't be busy. New federal safety modifications required on rail cars means that trains will keep a rollin' all night along.

"There are about 90,000 rail cars that are required to be modified in the next several years, and so there's going to be a large influx of work," Walraven said.

This translates to more jobs and more tax revenue for the city and county, as Eagle Railcar soars down its' ever growing tracks.

"As long as people keep working, keep looking for new opportunities, things are gonna be ok. And I think this is a week to celebrate things getting ok faster than we ever expected," Congressman Mac Thornberry, who attended the Phase Two ribbon cutting ceremony, added.

, Newschannel 6