Obesity Rates Across The Country Continue to Rise

Obesity Rates Across The Country Continue to Rise

Wichita Falls, TX

- How fat is Texas? A new report by the Gallup Healthways State of American Well Being released its 2014 obesity rankings looking at people living in all 50 states.

Four out of five of the most obese states are located in the south. The study also found obesity rates in the United States are still on the rise, despite a number of campaigns and efforts to change the lifestyle of many Americans.

While this surveys results are from last year, it shows Americans still have some work to do.

The study reveals 27.7 percent of the population were considered to obese in 2014, compared to 27.1 percent in 2013 and  25.5 percent in 2008.

Most Obese States:

1) Mississippi

2) West Virginia

3) Louisiana

4) Arkansas

5) Oklahoma

* Texas came at No. 13 on the list. 

States With Lowest Obesity Rates:

1) Hawaii 

2) Colorado 

3) Montana

4) California

5) Massachusetts.

These results are based on more than two million surveys. Questions asked include height and weight, which is used to calculate BMI also known as body mass index. 

Respondents also answered an array of questions about their physical health, financial security, the community in which they live, and some other factors. 

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6