100% percent.

With another inch and change of rain at Lake Arrowhead last night, for the first time since 2007, the spillway looks like a waterfall, and roars like a lion.

While some signs haven't got the memo, Texomans have.

"People are coming out," Clay County Game Warden Eddie Hood said. "Everybody wants to come out and see the full lake."

But we didn't just want a shoreline perspective, so we took a boat ride with Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Game Warden Eddie Hood.

"Three weeks ago, it was completely dry here, and right here where were sitting were in 17-18 feet of water."

It's natural for people to want to be out on the lake again. But Hood has some advice for boaters after a major flooding event.

"They're could be some hidden dangers right below the surface, like logs and branches," Hood said.

We saw an array of wildlife down at Lake Arrowhead. While thunderstorms and rain can displace some animals in the short term...

"The rain in the long run is going to benefit them," explained Hood.

The fish we're biting at the suddenly crowded fishing pier. Some traveled two hours to try their luck fishing in water that was right up against the docks.

Hood says that fish will spawn this year, and their survival rate will be high. The Parks and Wildlife Department has been active in stocking Texoma lakes that have been down for so long.

The water in Lake Arrowhead is very murky right now. Hood says that the vegetation in the lake will help clear it up. Provided we don't have more flooding, in three to four weeks, the lake will look completely different.

The story of Lake Arrowhead: four weeks to full.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6