Archer City Ends Restrictions

Archer City Ends Restrictions

After years of record breaking drought record breaking rainfall has healed a once bone dry Texoma town. Archer City leaders elected to end drought restrictions and allow residents to use water in their yards and cars. There are still a few minor rules when it comes to water use.

"We lost a lot of restrictions, but a big thing that we did was we kept a restriction that you cannot water your yard anyday of the week from 11 in the morning to 6 at night," said Archer City Mayor Kelvin Green.

Wheat farmers like Ben Buerger said the rain was both a blessing and a burden. While Buerger said he's happy to see restrictions dropped his crops have been hurting.

"One field I cut has 200 acres in it and it's already a total loss because of the wet weather," said Buerger.

The rains and runoff have saturated his field and his product so much so he won't be able to make a profit.

"At least we got our lakes full and everyone can relax on the water right now," said Buerger.

Archer City will allow it's car wash to reopen after it was forced to be closed because of previous drought restrictions.

, Newschannel6