Don't Go Head First Until Pool Is Ready

Don't Go Head First Until Pool Is Ready

If you are a pool owner who took the drought off, there are a few things you are going to need to do now that the drought is over.

We reached out to the experts to get a heads up, before you jump in feet first.

"Our biggest concern is, you had 17 inches of water fall into your backyard. Plus, off the roof you could have over 3 feet of water added to your backyard. Now, that water is seeping into the ground and that can cause us really big concerns. So, people are going to want to empty that pool and get rid of that nasty 2 to 3 year old swamp that they have and, that's when we could have some big problems," said Paul Buckingham, Owner of Outback Pools & Spas in Wichita Falls.

Those big problems are what is known as, displacement. That's when there is too much ground water. If you drain the pool, it has no weight in it and, can be literally squeezed right out of the ground. So, take it slow. There is no quick fix.

"We need to take some time. I know we've got a great holiday coming up in the 4th of July. We have a lot of people who want to get their pools ready. Let's take our time. 3 years of this drought restrictions we had on pools, give us some time. It's going to take time to get all these people operating properly again," said Buckingham.

The possible pool problems can vary because each and every pool is unique. But, there are some simple steps you can take to get yourself and your pool on the right track.

"First step is, make sure you have the adequate water level. If you have an operational pump and filter system have it running. Let it circulate for at least 24 hours. Bring us a sample. Take pictures of your pump. Take pictures of your pump and filter system because we can do all of this in the store with the technology we have and the experience. We can provide you with what you need to do and the techniques to take care of your existing system."

The best advice we got was to let the professionals help you so you don't end up with a broken pool that will cost a lot to fix. 

"Before you make any decisions on doing some drastic things, let us take a look," said Buckingham.

Another thing every pool owner needs to be aware of is scammers.

They are in and out of town, and may leave you in a bad way after they have taken your money. 

If you have any questions about pool companies that want to give you a quick fix.

Check with the Better Business Bureau. We have a link to their website right here on our website in the links section.

Chris Horgen, Newschannel 6