Castaway Cove Is Now Able to Use The City's Water

Castaway Cove Water Park will no longer have to haul in well water to fill its pools.  Thanks to lowering drought restrictions, the water park can now use Wichita Falls city water.

“I'm glad that the lakes are up high enough that they lowered the restrictions so everybody can use the water and fill their pools," said park manager for Castaway Cove, Steve Vaughn.

“Last year, we knew that we were going into Stage 4 and Stage 5 and we knew once we got to Stage 5 that we could no longer use the city water, so we went out and looked at other alternatives and we did come across that we could bring water in," said Vaughn.

Four tanks are currently located on-site that each hold 3,000 gallons of well water.

“We're going to still keep them on property in case something happens and we still need to use them to store water again.  In the contract, it does state that if the levels do go down then we would use the city water, and we will not have anyone bringing any to the park," said Vaughn.

This year, Vaughn said that using city water at the water park will help save money.

“It's going to help our business.  We had it budgeted to bring water into the park and we're not going to have to now.  I think we'll make more of a profit since we won't be hauling in water," said Vaughn.

In 2014, due to hauling in well water, the water park only had an annual profit of $1,500. In years past, the park would pull in between $50,000 to $100,000.

Vaughn said that using the city's water means that he and his staff will continue to conserve.

“We kept the water and we conserved as much as we could and we will continue conserving as much as we can also," said Vaughn.

, Newschannel 6