Working To Increase Reuse

Working To Increase Reuse

Wichita Falls City Councilors may not be ready to end drought restrictions, but the city is looking to increase how much water it can reuse. The Indirect Potable Reuse Project will help Wichita Falls reuse and recycle up 100% of its wastewater effluent.

The current Direct Potable Reuse Project only reuses about 75% of the wastewater effluent it receives.

"As we transition over to the Indirect Potable Reuse Project we will actually send the treated wastewater effluent out to Lake Arrowhead. We will then actually be able to recover the entire amount that is pumped out to the lake and send it back to the Cypress Water Treatment Plant for reuse," said Mark Southard, Superintendent of Water Source and Purification.

The $30 million project has already been approved by the city and bidding for the project is expected to begin in September. The IPRP is expected to take between 12 to 18 months to complete after construction begins.

, Newschannel6