Rising Waters 2015: Rising Real Estate

Rising Waters 2015: Rising Real Estate

You may not be able to see change, but you can feel it.

In a room.

In a city.

What started with Wichita Falls watershed filling up has spilled over into other parts of daily life, one of which is real estate.

"Now our lakes are full, people are feeling up and not down. I think Wichita Falls is going to make a major turn around," Chairman of The Parade of Homes Committee Eddie Holcomb said.

Holcomb said that everyone in The Falls has been waiting for a green light, a light we received in the form of rain. Sometimes the only thing people need to change is an attitude.

"I think consumer sentiments have been raised, and I think confidence is much better than it was," Owner of Hirschi Realtors Danny Steed said. "I think we're seeing a lot of beneficial activity as a result."

Before the rapid refill of the lakes, some people were talking about moving from Wichita Falls, and hesitant to build anything without water. Now, 150 houses are going up across the region, translating to about $30 million worth of construction. The addition of the missing piece...water...could potentially change many home buyers minds.

"People are going to be a lot more active in wanting to see what's going on out there," Steed said. "Who were sitting on the fence because of the drought situation are going to become active again."

People are once again thinking about Wichita Falls as a community they want to live in.

This years parade features 8 builders and 14 homes. And judging by the vibe since the rains came, these homes may not be empty for long.

The Parade of Homes will begin tomorrow and run through June 14th. Tickets are $6, and proceeds benefit the Wichita Falls Habitat for Humanity.

Here are the homes featured...

Classic Builders ----------- 5606 Ross Creek

Carolyn Adams Homes--------1727 Shoal Creek Drive

Douglas Custom Homes--------4221 Shady Grove Lane

Garnel Construction---------1723 Woodridge Drive

Harmon & Holcomb Homes------2905 S. Shepherds Glen

Harmon & Holcomb Homes------321 Driftwood Drive

Harmon & Holcomb Homes------#10 Freedom Circle

Klasse Homes------------#7 Copper Kettle Court

Lance Friday Homes----------5003 Blue Mesa Lane

Lance Friday Homes----------311 Driftwood Drive

R.J. Wachsman Homes---------5006 Spring Hill Drive

R.J. Wachsman Homes---------#7 Clover Court

R.J. Wachsman Homes---------5612 Cathedral Lane

Habitat for Humanity ---------817 Ft. Worth

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6