Alcohol Allowed

Alcohol Allowed

Thousands of people descended on Graham for their first "Food Truck Competition" to be hosted by the city. Inside the town square and right in front of the county courthouse people could be seen lining up to get a taste. Jennifer Conway, Executive Director of Graham Convention and Visitors Bureau, said the event will help bring in more money for the town.

"We're expecting a lot of people to come here. This is the first year there is a lot we're prepared for at least 5,000, so we've got drinks for that many," said Conway.

Some of those drinks are alcoholic. Even though Graham and the majority of the county is dry single serve alcohol sales are still allowed.

"We realized that after we had been here for a couple of days and we had to keep filling out I guess club memberships," said Christina Joyner of Canyon Lake.

Joyner and her husband came to Graham for a local bike race, but also for the food trucks. They both said that they have never lived in an area where bulk alcohol sales were prohibited the way they are in Graham.

"It seems to be pointless to have restrictions on it, but just allow people to fill out paper every time they want a beer," said Joyner.

Graham natives like Carol Young said that you have to be from the town to understand the opinion on alcohol.

"As long as it stays under control I don't have a problem with it. I do think though that since this is a family event that they should not have helt it with the alcohol," said Young.

There have been no reported problems regarding alcohol at the competition.

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