Data Breach

Personal information about government employees was stolen by hackers. It's highly probable that the information breach was done from overseas.

Homeland Security Expert Michael McCaul said they are certain that the breach originated in China. McCaul said they were able to connect the recent breach with another Chinese hack job that occurred in 2014.

"Anthem was a health care attack against records of Americans blue cross blue shield this we think originated from the same source out of china to steal data not just to federal employees but Americans," said McCaul.

Many Texomans said that they feel cyber warfare is becoming the next weapon of mass destruction.

Wilson, Toni said the government can not be trusted when it comes to data.

"Educate yourself and protect your privacy. Because the government is not doing it. Here's your sign! Lifelock is not the government. There are plenty of security firms that are not the government. Guess what? Their information is still secure. There are no shortcuts in cyber," said Toni.

Federal lawmakers and military personnel are said to not have been impacted by the breach. Chinese government officials said that the U.S. is jumping to conclusions. The Chinese government has neither confirmed nor denied the involvement in the hack.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6