Hack Causes Waves at Castaway Cove

Hack Causes Waves at Castaway Cove

The heat is on in Texoma, and that means a trip to the waterpark may be a good idea.

However, when some people googled Castaway Cove this weekend, possibly to see what time they were open, they got more than they bargained for.

What appeared in the wake of a hack on Castaway Cove was a sexually explicit photo, acting as the thumbnail for the park's Google Maps page.

"We were notified instantly of it," explained Castaway Cove Manager Steve Vaughn. "Because of the hack, we could not get to it."

Both the park and the city of Wichita Falls worked with Google to get the pornographic image off the web, and were finally successful early Monday morning.

"We are continuing to work with Google, and also with the local authorities, to see who did this and see what action we need to take," Vaughn said.

One of those actions could include prosecuting the hacker if he or she is caught.

A screenshot of the Google page has been circulating on social media. Numerous viewers expressed their concern about the shocking hack.

We also spoke with parents at the waterpark this morning. From those who had seen the picture, they assumed that someone was pranking the park or that the webpage had been hacked, and didn't hold Castaway Cove at all responsible.

The incident is still under investigation, with no leads yet as to who hacked the page.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6