Missed Sunscreen Spots

Missed Sunscreen Spots

The heat has made a return to Texoma and that has a lot of people heading to the pool to cool off.  Unfortunately, painful sunburns are sure to follow.

Newschannel 6 took a look at how to protect your skin, especially the parts people tend to miss, so you can avoid the painful burns and the sun damage that could lead to skin cancer down the road.

Despite everyone's best efforts doctors say there are certain spots many of us tend to miss.

The American Academy of Dermatology reported 37% of people rarely or never apply sunscreen to their back.

Campfire Pool Director Blaire Robinson oversees hundreds of kiddos, who are cooling off at the pool this summer and says their staff is aware of those often-missed spots.

"We focus on the chin and forehead but miss around our mouth area, on our ears and under the strap of bathing suits," said Robinson.

Other missed spots include the top of the feet, as well as the scalp, neck, ears, lips and the back of the hands.

Another thing to keep in mind is reapplication, which can be just as important as putting it on the first time.

"Put it on more than once a day, at least every couple of hours. If you are going to be outside all day, it wears off after a while, especially after they get out of the pool," said Robinson.

One thing to keep in mind: sunscreen expiration dates really do matter.

The active ingredients can deteriorate over time meaning the protection won't be as effective.

Ashley Fitzwater, Newschannel 6