To Pool Or Not To Pool

To Pool Or Not To Pool

Henrietta city leaders voted to drop all drought restrictions that have been enforced for years. Those who live in Henrietta can now wash their cars, their lawns and fill their pools. However, while water rules have changed the community pool will remain closed.

"That's not even on the agenda tonight to open the pool," said Kelley Bloodworth, Henrietta City Administrator.

The pool has been closed, and out of operation for the past two summers.

"There is so much involved in that the pool was built in 1955, it is a very antiquated pool. It needs to be drained sandblasted it needs to be repainted. We have not run the pump in two years, so we don't even know what shape that is in," said Bloodworth.

The city has decided to wait until next year to budget for and plan repairs as well as staffing assignments for the pool.

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