Wichita County Commissioners Hire Contractor To Fix Issues Inside Jail

Wichita County Commissioners Hire Contractor To Fix Issues Inside Jail

Wichita Falls, TX-

A facility review in May by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards revealed the Wichita County Jail was "not in compliance."

"It's 10 p.m. at night and the guards are walking down the hall and see water running," Wichita County Commissioner Lee Harvey, describes a situation when a cast iron sewage pipe cracked on the fourth for of the jail last week.

Commissioner Harvey told Newschannel 6 preventative maintenance could have prevented lots of the problems that exist at the jail.

"The county didn't have a maintenance contract in place, which kind of blows me, because I don't think there's maintenance contract for any of the 16 county buildings," said Harvey.

Following the inspectors visit county officials received a twelve page report that highlighted what inspectors believed to be in need of serious and immediate consideration. From that report more than 200 work orders were placed and county officials have drawn up a plan to fix them.

Wichita County Commissioners voted in favor of hiring two additional maintenance workers and bringing on a contractor.

"We're proposing to issue an contract to BNL maintenance, a labor contract, not to exceed $49,000," said Harvey. "If we don't accomplish every goal that we have for the maintenance contractor, whatever is left over, our regular maintenance will complete."

The timeline to addresses all the TCJS concerns is not set in stone.

"It really doesn't say we need to do be done by this day. They want to see us move in the right direction," said Commissioner Harvey.

Commissioner Harvey said the county will immediately reach out to the contractor and hopes to begin addressing issues as early as June 15. All work orders on the jail inspection report will be taken care of first.

County officials said the last time the jail was not in compliance was in 2009.

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