Bowie Memorial Hospital Board Set To Meet To Discuss Hospital's Future

Bowie Memorial Hospital Board Set To Meet To Discuss Hospital's Future

Wichita Falls, TX - Officials at Bowie's Hospital expected to meet Wednesday afternoon to discuss what it needs to do to establish the hospital as a medical taxing district.

Newschannel 6 has been following the hospital's struggle to stay afloat since the very beginning.

The hospital's board of trustees have made several attempts to preserve the healthcare for residents in Bowie, but continue to face financial difficulties.

Here's a timeline of events that has brought the hospital to where it is now.

Lynn Hellers, interim CEO at BMH told Newschannel 6 the hospital took its very first blow when it decided not to go critical care. Then came a decrease in reimbursements from both the state and federal government. They also had to layoff more than a dozen employees and restructure employee benefits.

Feb. 2011: The hospital board decided to attempt to turn the hospital into medical taxing district to make up for the shortfall in revenue.

In order to do so the hospital had to get a proposal put on a ballot. Three months later, residents voted down the hospital's idea to become a medical taxing district.

July 2013: The hospital sent out request for proposals to other parties that may be interested in purchasing, leasing, managing or affiliating with the hospital.

Later that year, the hospital announced a partnership with Community Health Center and United Regional.

CHC offered to manage the hospital, providing oversight for day-to-day operations and United Regional would provide services such as education, staff development, as well as provide coordination of service lines, and programs.

September 2014: The hospital's board named Michael Mceachern as CEO following the resignation of its former top boss. A month later, the hospital seemed to be moving forward when it added a new walk-in clinic.

April 2015: BMH Board of Director announced the resignation of Michael Mceachern as CEO.

Mceachern's departure had many residents speculating about the hospital's closure. While the hospital continues to struggle financially, its board pledges it wants to remain open.

Lynn Heller has since taken over as Interim CEO of the hospital.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6