State Park Payback

State Park Payback
Texas state parks will soon see more funding come their way. Governor Gregg Abbott recently signed a bill into law that will help ensure that  94% of the sales tax on sporting goods will go towards Texas State Park funds. The bill was sponsored by local Texas Senator Craig Estes.

For 20 years, the legislature diverted more than half of the funds to other departments. This bill will make sure that those funds designated for the Texas State Parks will not be diverted elsewhere. Here is what Texas Senator Craig Estes had to say after the legislation passed.

"I was very proud to sponsor this legislation in the Senate, and it was exciting to be with Governor Abbott today as he signed it into law," Senator Estes said. "I believe it is important that we restore transparency in our budgeting process by ensuring the sporting goods sales tax is used for its intended purpose. I want to thank Representative Larson for also filing this bill, as well as the many legislators who signed on as coauthors."

Local Lake Arrowhead State Park was unable to comment on exactly what they would fix or fund with the new money that will be coming their way.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6