Nighthawks Owner Looking Forward to Year 2

Wichita Falls Nighthawks owner Drew Carnes said Thursday he's looking forward to year two of indoor football in the Falls, as the team prepares to close out their freshman season.

Carnes said the team definitely is looking to improve in the win column in year two, though in many games this season it can be said that they were just a bounce or two here or there from several more wins. The team also was very successful in moving players on to higher levels, including the AFL, CFL and even the NFL, which wound up costing the team in terms of star-power down the stretch.

"We've established a very good product," Carnes said. "We've taken care of the players very well, and we've got a situation where we're really doing a good job of recruiting players in."

He said he expects that to only improve in year two.

"We've got our second year as a franchise here, and we've got a better housing situation, a better meals situation," Carnes said. "I think our sponsorship's going to turn around and do a whole lot better next season, and that'll just feed right through to the team morale. Travel, we'll get all those things really dialed in next year, so we'll do a great job with that. Beyond that, it's just selling it to the fans, and letting people know that when they come out here they're going to have a blast."

The Nighthawks (4-9) will host the Colorado Ice (5-8) Saturday night at the Kay Yeager Coliseum in their 2015 finale.

There will be giveaways based on the number of points scored by the Nighthawks, and other in-game activities, though a BMX-bike halftime show had to be canceled due to scheduling issues.