Change Flying In At Sheppard Air Force Base

Change Flying In At Sheppard Air Force Base
Source: KAUZ

Wichita Falls, TX -

A change of leadership will be taking place at Sheppard Air Force Base. Airmen at the 82nd Training Wing will welcome a new base commander.

Brigadier General Scott Kindsvater will step down from his post after almost two in a half years on the job.

His replacement, Brigadier General Patrick J. Doherty recently served as the Director of Air Force Services at the Pentagon in Washington, DC. there he was responsible for providing policy, technical direction and oversight for $2 billion dollars in services worldwide for airmen.

Doherty has made more than a dozen stops at other bases both domestic and abroad.

Departing Brig. Gen. Scott Kindsvater made his way to Wichita Falls in September of 2013 after a brief stint working for the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Under Kindsvater leadership the base managed to cut back water usage during the drought. He was also very involved in easing residents concerns about the possibility or rumors of the base closing, implementing the Sexual Assault Response Program, continuing the ENJJPT program, and keeping a good working relationship with the local community.

Kindsvater is also responsible for more than 60,000 Air force, Navy, Marine Corps, Army, and so many others training officers at SAFB.

Doherty was promoted to Brigadier General in January of 2014.

Brigadier General Scott Kindsvater relinquishes his command Thursday.

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