How to Look For a Flood Damaged Car

Source: KAUZ
Source: KAUZ

Have you ever wondered if the used car you bought had flood damage?

Due to the recent flooding all across the state of Texas, there are a number of things that used car shoppers need to know.  Many flood damaged cars six hours hours away in Houston can end up in a used car lot right here in Texoma.

Cosme Ojeda II, the Director of Operations at the Better Business Bureau said that used car shoppers need to be aware.

“You have to check these vehicles out.  These vehicles move.  They sell in auctions and people are looking for a good deal and when they come across one, they don't want to see the red flags sometimes," said Ojeda.

“You need to ask for the title.  You need to see what the title has on it.  You also you need to see when the title was transferred last and if it came from a flood damaged area,"said Ojeda.

In addition to asking for the car's title, also make sure there aren't any water marks.

“You're going to be looking in the engine bay, you're also going to be looking in the interior compartment; is there a line all the way around the interior," said Ojeda.

State Farm Insurance Agent, Cheryl Botkin agrees.  She and the rest of her staff handle flood damaged cars just like any normal claim.

“Around the seats and around the trunk, you can also see the rusted bolts that are under the seats and any wiring under the dash is going to be brittle and cracking," said Botkin.

Botkin said that during this time of the year, it's all about being cautious.

“There is a lot of flooding and a lot of flood damage and a lot of people that might like to deceive you, so don't let that happen," said Botkin.

Something else to check for in a used car, is the AC for the smell of mildew. A lot of flood damaged cars won't just end up in used car lots, they can also be in classified ads or even online.

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