Bussey Settling in at Windthorst

It's been about two months since Stacy Wolf retired as Windthorst's volleyball coach, and was officially replaced by former Trojanette player Allison Bussey.

Bussey had built a state-title contender at Archer City, with virtually all of her regional-champion team coming back next year.

So why did she decide to leave? That's simple: a chance to go home.

"I was very excited to hear that the job was open," Bussey said Wednesday. "I enjoyed Archer City, where I was at, and didn't really want to leave there. But this is something that I'd always wanted to do, so I felt like I couldn't pass it up."

Bussey was officially hired as Windthorst's volleyball coach in mid-April, replacing Wolf, her own high school coach. Bussey won three state volleyball titles with Wolf, plus two more in softball, in a storied career as a Trojanette.

"Coach Wolf was a great coach," Bussey said. "I mean, she really pushed me, and taught me a lot of the things that I know and still use in my coaching as well, right now."

Another benefit to her homecoming is the chance to coach alongside her two sisters. Older sister Heather Stark is the Trojanettes' basketball coach, while younger sister Marissa George is an assistant coach for volleyball, basketball and softball.

"I'm very excited to work with my sisters," Bussey said. "I think we're all a little bit different, but at the same time very competitive. And we'll all kind of complement each other, I think."

Stark agreed. "I think it'll be just special for us to share in these seasons, and share these experiences with each other," she said.

Stark also serves as an assistant volleyball coach, so she has a pretty good idea the similarities and differences between her sister and Coach Wolf.

"We're not going to try to change a whole lot of stuff, because we've been pretty successful," Stark said. "But I think she'll bring a few things here and there, that hopefully will help us win some more games."

Bussey acknowledged some differences, but agreed with her sister. "Coach Wolf might be a little more, 'blunt' than me," she said. "But I feel like we both have the same goal, and again are very competitive, and are in it for the girls."

As usual, numbers won't be an issue for Windthorst. Coach Bussey said Wednesday that over 50 girls are coming out for volleyball this season.