Wichita Falls Residents are Giving Thanks

Driving around Wichita Falls, you've probably seen the signs that state, "Pray for Rain".  Today in Wichita Falls, you can drive around and see signs that state, "Thank Jesus for the Rain".

Wichita Falls resident, Karen Lucy told Newschannel 6 that she will always be thankful for the rain. Because of the recent rain in May, she said, she will never look at rain the same.  Texoma's historic drought has affected her in many ways.

"My husband and I started hauling water from the city [Wichita Falls] reclaim water service to try and keep our trees and shrubs alive; we did that all last summer and then we would catch water," said Lucy.

On Thursday, she had the "Thank Jesus for the Rain" sign in her yard.  This sign is part of a big movement in the community of "Praying for Rain".

First Baptist Church of Wichita Falls Pastor, Bob McCartney handed out the new signs of “Thank Jesus for the Rain” to members of his congregation.

“What we decided to do was to take the “Pray for Rain” template, the blue sign and the white letters and simply put, “Thank Jesus for the Rain”.  Since May was a month of miracles, we decided to make June a month of gratitude for what God has done for us," said McCartney.

To McCartney and Lucy, the constant calling on a higher power, is why they're thankful Texoma is out of an historic drought.

“Now we have beautiful flowers and trees and our lakes are full and we're just so blessed and felt like we need to publicly give a demonstration that we do thank Him for ending that drought.  Thank Jesus for the rain," said Lucy.

Each sign has a different Bible verse, which  McCartney said is appropriate for our once drought crisis and God's answer.

McCartney also said that he won't have shipment of the new signs, but said that there are companies in town, who are willing to make them, if you ask.

, Newschannel 6