Rising Waters 2015: Montague County Flooding

Rising Waters 2015: Montague County Flooding

After record breaking rains in May, and Tropical Depression Bill dumping as much as 9" of rain in the past few days, Montague County now basically has Class Five rapids.

"Lake Nocona has been as much as 7.5 feet above the full level. The water just can't run off fast enough," Montague County Emergency Manager Kelly McNabb said.

Last night, the Nocona Fire Department had to perform twenty water rescues along Highway 81 and near Lake Nocona. While waiting for floodwaters to recede, some motorists were stranded for hours.

"We pulled off on the side of the road, me and about thirty others, and waited for the water to recede which took about till 2 A.M, so about 5 hours," motorist Jeannette Richmond said.

While TxDOT was able to allow traffic back on some Montague County roads, floodwaters still remain.  Nearby Lake Nocona, FM 2953 was covered with 5 feet of water, as some found out just in time.

FM 1806 may not have looked that bad this afternoon, but compare it to what it looked like on Wednesday.

And by Bowie Lake, the same road, which flooded last month, was at it again.

"It's going to take us several days for water on roads like 1806 near Lake Bowie to recede and stop crossing the road," TxDOT PIO Adele Lewis explained.

Officials are still trying to grasp how much damage Montague County roads sustained from Bill. Lewis thinks it will be in the millions.

"You're looking at a bridge that's going to run anywhere from $200,000 to $500,000. And bigger bridges can be even more than that."

It's terrible news for an area with a multimillion dollar bill from the May rains alone.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6