Managing Mold

After all of the rising waters over the last month, mold could be lurking around your home.

Due to the floodwaters, ServPro Wichita Falls has seen a boom in business.

"We've seen a huge influx in calls and we've just been non stop for probably the last month or so," Aaron Ryan, Owner of ServPro Wichita Falls said.

He said there have been some places that have been affected more than once, making the risk of mold even greater.

For many, it might seem like Texoma can't catch a break from the rising waters.  Especially after the record rainfall in May and the heavy downpours we saw in mid June.  While the water levels are receding, the work that needs to be completed after is just getting started.

"The water damage has probably been the biggest issue so far," Ryan said.

However, it can get worse.  If the water damage is not taken care of properly, it can turn into mold.  This can put you and your family at a health risk.  Ryan explained there are people who will walk into a room with mold and will be affected to the point they can't breathe.

"Some people it doesn't bother them whatsoever," he said, "So it just really depends on the person."

If you are checking your home for mold, look for discoloration on your carpets, floors, walls, and ceilings.  These can be signs of the early stages of mold forming.  However, make sure you are checking areas you don't normally use.  Ryan said the dark, stagnant areas is where they find mold most frequently.

"Closets are probably the biggest one," he said.

If you do find mold in your home, the best thing to do is contain it.  So, if it is a closet, or bedroom, close off the room and leave it alone.

"The best thing for them to do, honestly, do nothing at all," Ryan said.

So, do not try and move everything out of the room or area.  This includes the clothes in your closet.

"Once you disturb it, that's when you start putting the mold spores into the air and that's when you start to have cross contamination," Ryan said.

Another mistake people make is using air movers or fans in the affected area.  Again, all it does is spread the mole particles.  Also, don't use bleach on the area, because it will not solve the problem.

"A small problem turns into a big problem in the entire house," he said.

So, the best thing to do is leave it alone and call the experts.  Once the experts get out there, keep in mind there is a process they have to go through.  They will contact a third party to run tests on the mold.  From there they will get a detailed plan on how to treat it.

Depending on the severity of the situation, it could take days or sometimes weeks before everything is taken care of.  This is because sometimes there is a bigger problem beyond the surface.

, Newschannel 6